This year's YEP-D (Young Economic Policy Designers) Workshop was held online on 18-19 July 2020.

YEP-D is a 36-hour marathon of economic policymaking simulation, which aims to provide its participants' insights and real-time policymaking experience through scenarios that address a different type of economic problem in each module (

Among applicants from junior, senior, and graduate students from different universities, 35 participants were selected by the YEP-D organizing committee.

The workshop continued uninterrupted for 36 hours (excluding only one 4 hours sleep break). The participants in this year's workshop were divided into five groups. Each group was tasked with evaluating one country among five countries: Chile, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Romania, and Bangladesh.

The teams were asked to evaluate five economic scenarios to their assigned country and asked to develop economic policies specific to that country.

During the 36-hours, the groups developed policies using different economic theories and applications and offered solutions to the scenario-specific problems about growth, fiscal budget and financial developments for the assigned country, firm dynamics, and monetary and fiscal policies.

The jury members scored each team's work, and as a result, the Chile team, including METU Economics Department junior student Ecem Yargici, team mentored by METU Economics Department graduate student Cigdem Ekiz, and recent graduate Caner Toker, ranked first with the highest score.

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