Interactive Registrations

It is the students' responsibility to know the academic rules and regulations. Detailed information about the rules and regulations of our university can be found at METU Regulations. 

It is strongly recommended to see those rules and regulations before interactive registration. 

WARNING 1: The registration program controls for the payment of the students. Therefore it is strongly recommended that students read the pages (Tuition Fee Payments and Tuition Fee Amounts) under "Payments" before opening the registration program. 

WARNING 2: Students who keep overdue books and who have debt to library will not be able to register. Those have to pay their debts and give the books back to the library to be able to register.

General Information About Interactive Registrations

Registration Dates and Hours

Students of Basic English Department 

Students Continuing Their Program 

Students of Graduate Programs

Students of Double Major/Minor Programs 

International Students

Students Newly Accepted to Graduate Programs

Students of Non-Thesis Evening Programs

Transfer Students 

Students of SUNY Programs

Students Who Achieved Registration Right Within the Scope of Amnesty Law

Special/Exchange/Erasmus Students