METU Conference on International Relations

The call for papers submission deadline for the 14th METU International Relations Conference has been extended to 30th of March. For more information, please see below or the attached Conference Call.

The annual METU Conference on International Relations will be held between the 17th and 19th of June 2015, marking its 14th year. The theme of this year`s conference is “Area Studies and International Relations: Intersecting Dimensions.”

In recent years there has been a growing understanding that area studies as an interdisciplinary field and traditional disciplines mutually contribute and enrich each other’s field of study. The link between international relations and area studies is particularly distinct in this respect. While the modes of scientific inquiry are different in area studies and international relations, the subject of their inquiry often overlaps: the interaction of peoples and institutions within and across regions. Armed with different but compatible conceptualizations and methodologies, these two fields produce not contradictory but complementary scientific knowledge. An increased collaboration between these two fields would contribute to our understanding of regions in our contemporary world.

Although international relations has a rich history of interacting with other disciplines such as sociology and political science, such an intersection with area studies expands the methodological horizons of the international relations, exposing it to methods and techniques ranging as wide as anthropology, history, literature and urban politics. At the same time it expands the horizons of area studies, underlining the interconnectedness of

areas both historically as well as in contemporary world, carving out new spaces, international and transnational, for the study of traditionally regional issues. Overall, this provides and further promises theoretically innovative yet empirically in-depth studies that are grounded in their areas but that also contribute to the debates of international relations.

In the conference, there will be both panels and concurrent workshops on multiple areas (Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Africa), as well as hosting keynote speeches.

Besides panels and workshops that reflect the most recent debates in their subject areas, there will also be a round table focusing on theoretically and methodologically informed discussions of area studies and international relations.

This conference will host only a limited number of selected panels and workshops to achieve an environment that enables in-depth discussions on each paper. We expect each panel and workshop to produce an edited volume therefore all applications will be evaluated according to their publication prospects.

We invite individual paper proposals and/or panel proposals. Please send your proposal directly to the irconf@metu.edu.tr before March 20th, 2015.