Welcome to the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences (FEAS),

Since its foundation in 1957 FEAS has contributed to social and administrative sciences and has become a renowned institution both nationally and internationally. Our Faculty offers a variety of different programs through its four active departments: Department of Business Administration, Department of Economics, Department of International Relations, and Department of Political Science and Public Administration. The aim of these programs is to provide students with a general background in the specialization areas of the departments and to equip them with tools of economic and administrative sciences in preparation for professional life. FEAS also offers several service courses to the students of other faculties and departments in the areas of economics and administrative sciences. The Faculty and its Departments, in collaboration with the Graduate School of Social Sciences, also conduct numerous masters and doctoral programs in a number of specialization areas. Some of these graduate programs are interdisciplinary in nature and are being offered jointly with other departments of the University.